School Visits

As a kid, my favorite school days were when real live published authors came to visit our classroom. As a former kid, and current real live published author, it’s my delight and privilege to visit classrooms, libraries, and youth groups as part of my job! Wow. What a life!

My Presentations

Clever Title Here*: How I Went from Awkward Teen to Published Author (ages 11 and up): This presentation is an overview of both my personal journey from, well, awkward teen to published author as well as a how-to and behind-the-scenes look at the drafting, revising, submission, and publishing process. It’s my go-to presentation for schools and libraries that covers all the basics. Includes PowerPoint.
*This is really what it’s called. All becomes apparent in the presentation.

Funny Because It’s True: How to Turn Your Life into Humor (ages 14 and up): This presentation digs a little deeper into the craft of writing and shows teens how they can use the events, characters, and mishaps of their lives to write funny and powerful fiction. Includes plenty of hilarious anecdotes from my own adolescence. Includes PowerPoint.

Small Workshop Intensive (ages 11 and up): This presentation/activity is designed for small groups (I suggest 8–10 kids). We’ll work together on some brainstorming and story creation exercises, and work through some collaborations to show how language choice can create voice even when the bones of the story are the same. Does not require A/V; includes paper handouts.

You can also view my Speaker Profile on the SCBWI website.

Visits FAQ

Do you charge a fee for your school visits?

Yes, I do have a fee, but I am happy to work within your budget. Contact me and we can discuss!

How long are your presentations?

My two PowerPoint-y presentations run about an hour, depending on the length of questions at the end. (Don’t worry, I have prefab questions in case the kids are shy.) My writing workshop can go between one and one and a half hours; I find that anything longer than that and we tend to get tired (or hangry).

Are your presentations acceptable for all ages?

I believe my talks are best suited for tweens and teens, but you know your kids better than I do. If you’ve read my books and feel that it’d be a good fit for your crowd, you’re set. That said, I’m happy to tailor my talks to the needs of your audience.

How many talks will you do in a day? And for how many kids?

I can do a maximum of two talks per day—otherwise my voice starts to go! I can present to anything from a small group to an auditorium (my record for speech-giving so far is about 5,000 people, if you want to try and top it). For writing workshops, smaller groups are better.

How can we prep for your visit?

Best way to learn about my writing is to read it! I’d suggest having your students read my books and even think on some questions to ask me before I arrive. The best visits are the ones where students are rarin’ to go when I get there.

Where can we buy books for your visit?

If your group doesn’t have a standing relationship with a bookseller, I can help you find a local bookstore to place an order from. I can also help you get in touch with my publisher directly.

Contact Me

Let’s talk about talks! Email me: