Second Banana

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About the book

The kids in Mrs. Millet’s class are putting on their annual nutrition pageant. Every kid plays a food. Every kid gets a line. It is a big deal. But this year, there aren’t quite enough parts for everybody. So the class is cast: Fish, Cheese, Broccoli, Blueberry, Banana, and . . . Second Banana.

Second Banana feels rotten. She wants to be the ONLY banana!

In this deliciously original school story, Blair Thornburgh and Kate Berube recognize the dreadful disappointment that a casting list can cause—as well as the power of friendship, creative thinking, and a good attitude to turn a rotten situation into one that’s quite ap-peel-ing. Showtime!

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Praise for Second Banana:

“The setup gives Thornburgh endless pun possibilities , and the rest of Berube’s costumes. . .delight, too. A funny, gentle nudge in the direction of being a better banana.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Thornburgh’s school story about making the best of a less-than-optimal situation and showing kindness and empathy for a new friend will ap-peel (sorry) to young readers and listeners, who will easily identify. Berube’s expressive cartoons are a good match—those food costumes are pretty funny […] No rotten bananas here.”
— Kirkus