Monthly Archives: September 2012

what’s in your purse, neophyte political reporter blair thornburgh?

1. Flip flops, for when Professional Shoes disintegrate in rain

2. Free tampon from the DNC Arena. A tangible counterstrike in the war against the War on Women!

3. Credentials, hayy

4. Notebook and backup notebook

5. Pieces of flair

6. Yelp mints

7. Business cards of people I will forget to email

8. Recorder and spare batteries, always

9. Epi-Pen and 12 doses of children’s Benadryl. The perennial threat of anaphylaxis is made worse by the bags of peanuts being sold in the arena to  delegates who are not tidy with their shells

10. Map of downtown Charlotte, incomprehensible

11. Johnson & Johnson swag bag, inexplicable

12. Rain poncho (unused)

13. Ceramic gnome, which I swiped from my best friend’s apartment (Hey Eli!) before we moved out and wanted to use it for hilarious photo-ops with politicians.  So far I have been too shy

14. Red, white, and blue nail polish to touch up Obamanicure nail art

15. Bliss’s Mint Romney and O(range)bama moisturizers, swag taken from HuffPo Oasis where I have also been known to drink two coconut waters in a sitting

16. Wallet, shitty, from high school

17. Burt’s Bees

18. Kindle (dead weight) and laptop (less so)

19. Patriotic photo booth pic

20. iPhone charger