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When I phrase it like that, it seems like something that should come standard in the toolkit for Being A Person (along with How To Breathe and How Not To Spill Water On Yourself While Drinking*). But it’s hard! People … Continue reading

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Recently, I have gotten three different, good chunks of writerly advice, and I’m going to attempt stringing them together on a common thread. A while ago, I emailed Kate of Eat the Damn Cake for some wisdom from a real-life, … Continue reading

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The weather this week! It has been of two minds. Likewise my food: Sunday, it was Spring, so a frittata with actual asparagus. Because it’s here, it’s here, spring is finally coming back for real and asparagus is no-pun-intended springing … Continue reading

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Most of my life, I had this problem where I did not like New York City. What I can remember from visits as a kid is that it was 1. full of buildings that are tall enough to blot out … Continue reading

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