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Everybody needs to make at least one great road trip in their life. I don’t mean the kind that are a means to an end, like a trek to see relatives across the state or an attempt to cram five … Continue reading

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(Apologies to my artist mother if these aren’t really triptychs. I guess I could be safe and call them collages, but I’ve never been one for a penny word when a 20-drachma one will do.) I spent 24 hours (total) on the train up … Continue reading

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I mean, technically speaking, it was meant for me, but I’m going to share, because I’m plagued with thoughts of career doom. And it seems to be a theme that I write about a decent amount. Talk to more people. … Continue reading

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1. Your Mom Because she’s worried about you. Because she drove you to the train station or will pick you up from the airport. Because you know she will thumb-tack it to the giant corkboard that covers half of her … Continue reading

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I got business cards. Aren’t they cute? They’re little half-size MOO cards and came all bundled up in the dearest little box. I’m pretty excited about them. I know, I know, it’s like business cards? What business do you think … Continue reading

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I’ve been watching a couple. They seem good for a Sunday morning. First, this from Tamar Adler. Watching her buy up a bunch of vegetables and then put them up (just for the week) makes my little magpie heart go … Continue reading

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Making things for a living is such a weird job. Mostly I’m thinking of writing, but I guess it really applies to anything creative. It’s not like you can get certified like a physical therapist does and then just go … Continue reading

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