beautiful food videos

I’ve been watching a couple. They seem good for a Sunday morning.

First, this from Tamar Adler. Watching her buy up a bunch of vegetables and then put them up (just for the week) makes my little magpie heart go aflutter.

This video from the Perennial Plate (discovered on Serious Eats) makes me very nostalgic for my days working at Pennypack Farm. Also, how cool does that foraging guy look? I would pay for this dinner just to sit next to him and hear grizzled stories about morels or fiddleheads or whatever.

Tartine’s book trailer (yes, the book came out like a year ago, whatever) makes me want to move to San Francisco just to subsist on their bread. That can’t be healthy. It must be love.

This mini-documentary from Made by Hand is not only visually lovely, but I think Megan Paska does a wonderful job of articulating how appealing producing your own food can be. And her epithets! Backyard farmer, rooftop beekeeper, honey producer, writer. Yes, please!

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