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Note: This is a new and maybe recurring feature wherein I return to the trove of writing I churned out as teenager with the time-hardened eye of a 23-year-old. It won’t be pretty. But you might laugh. Imagine, if you … Continue reading

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The last book I wrote took shape behind a very un-peek-behindable curtain, for reasons of personal sanity and also laziness. But the more I’ve begun to hang out with writers, the more I want to talk about writing (and also … Continue reading

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(Optional soundtrack for this post may be found here or here). I’ve been 23 years old for almost half a year now, and I think Blink-182 was on to something. On one side of it, 23 is a lot of … Continue reading

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Think back to any “E! True Hollywood Story” you’ve ever seen (because I know you’ve seen them). You know how there’s always that grainy, talent-show clip of a six-year-old Christina Aguilera belting out a song onstage at her elementary school, … Continue reading

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