Monthly Archives: February 2012

oh, right

I probably should have given this website a little more fanfare. Well…here! it! is!

Basically I’m herding everything I make into one neat little corral, and that corral is More essays! More armchair medieval scholarship! Hopefully not as many stories where I end up bawling at theme restaurants! Also, more about food, because I love talking about food more than almost anything, but fewer recipes, because 1. I suck at developing them and 2. retyping them is annoying. Besides, you’re better off just going to the sites I found them on.

Also also, some links to cool things, as I collect them, because I like sharing, and travel stories and reflections, because traveling is also great and something I do medium-a-lot as an itinerant young person.

Anyway, let’s plunge in and make content. Have a snack and a drink and join me! Are you excited? I’m excited.