Monthly Archives: February 2013


Oh my God, you guys. is a year old! Ish!

Coincidentally, the last post to grace the blog chunk of this website was also about birthdays! Mine! Which was in December!

Urgh, okay. Sorry. Obviously, Things Have Happened since then, so let me get everyone up to speed: came back from Canada. Started awesome job at awesome publisher. Began revising my novel. Finally sent out family Christmas cards (more on that later). Redesigned website.


A year is a weird amout of time. It’s like a hundred bucks: a lot of time and yet also not a lot of time. A year ago, I bought this domain with no after-graduation plans, no posts published elsewhere, and no idea what was going to happen. It was year of the writer, but beyond that, who knew what was in store?

Everything, that’s what. Every last thing. From February last to February this, every good thing I can ever recall wanting has befallen me. Jobs, writing, creative projects, [redacted], food, speaking in front of 5,000 people, and adventures spanning four cities and two countries. What a life. What a year.


So! Onward! You can now find me blogging for Quirk, but I’ll be here too. And beyond that, I really need to get some sleep because I’ve run out of dreams to come true and I love waking up to make things every day.