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My mom cleaned out some bookshelves the other day—the horror. She sent me a list of potential jettisons, just in case, and THANK GOD, because in addition to Anastasia Krupnik (taking this to my grave) and and The Aeneid, Book … Continue reading

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In the Roman d’Enéas, a 12th century adaptation of the Aeneid you’ve never heard of, the queen of Latium gives her daughter Lavine a really long talking-to when handsome bachelor Aeneas heaves up on shore to carry her off as … Continue reading

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On Sunday I bought a bag of something called “freeze-dried coconut water.” Let that logic sink in for a minute. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I have read the package, and it seems to be the result of taking … Continue reading

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When I saw a video entitled “Phonetic description of annoying sounds teenagers make,” I was like YES! And then I was like, NO! And then I was like, “breathy voice long low back unrounded vowel with advanced tongue root.” Because while … Continue reading

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This post is about plot. But also grammar. The grammar of plots. Stay with me! So, I’m teaching my mother Latin. It’s an ambitious undertaking, sure, but she’s an eager student. And I’ve always believed that nothing deepens your own … Continue reading

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Verbs, like people, have moods. You know this intuitively even if you didn’t know it had a name: the difference between I write, I might write, and to write lies in the mood. And when you write, you exist in … Continue reading

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My new novel project has some History in it. Actually, it kind of takes place in History, because there is Time Travel. (I know, what am I thinking?) And this means I’ve been doing some Research. My Medieval Studies degree is useful … Continue reading

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Note: This is a new and maybe recurring feature wherein I return to the trove of writing I churned out as teenager with the time-hardened eye of a 23-year-old. It won’t be pretty. But you might laugh. Imagine, if you … Continue reading

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The last book I wrote took shape behind a very un-peek-behindable curtain, for reasons of personal sanity and also laziness. But the more I’ve begun to hang out with writers, the more I want to talk about writing (and also … Continue reading

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(Optional soundtrack for this post may be found here or here). I’ve been 23 years old for almost half a year now, and I think Blink-182 was on to something. On one side of it, 23 is a lot of … Continue reading

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